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FutureproofedCities does 4 things.

FutureproofedCities quadrant, showing how it helps cities to drive climate action

Develop climate plan and focus.

Out-of-the-box, we support 94,537 different areas in Europe. So if you come knocking at our door, we can say we have the best available data for your area to get started. Done.

FutureproofedCities uses this data not only to help you track your past (emissions inventory) but also predict the future. FutureproofedCities contains an ever evolving database with more than a hundred solutions for carbon mitigation and adaptation, automatically adapted to your area. We help you calculate your best next step and estimate the financial and carbon pay-off. Choose measures and actions, easily adapt them to your city’s goals, and immediately see the impact on CO₂ emissions and cost savings.


Monitor and manage.

People in city adminstrations working on climate are still often run by the ‘specialists’ on energy and climate. They’re working in their corner, carrying all the effort in a city. With FutureproofedCities, we help them share the responsibility and the opportunity of this work, helping them balance the work on the shoulders of all departments, from urban planning to finance to mobility and greening the city, everyone is concerned and involved when it comes to rebuilding the city.

Quantitative data shows your city’s historical and projected emission by taking your measures and actions into account. Will your city reach its target? FutureproofedCities makes it easy to collaborate with your entire team and track your progress.

With the project planning, analysis, and reporting tools built right into FutureproofedCities, everyone can work simultaneously on the same climate plan, managing their projects while keeping an eye on the overall work and celebrating progress across departments and teams.


Collaborate with peers. Share & learn.

FutureproofedCities is your ticket to an experienced community. While cities will ultimately need billions in project-capital for financing the city transformations we need and want, they cannot get there without the shared learning about what’s possible.

Cities need experts to help them. But cities also need direct relationships with their peers to build trust, and to operate from a basis of understanding and appreciation for the real world context of cities.

To help with this, FutureproofedCities fosters an growing online community of 140 municipalities with hundreds of mayors, city officials, and stakeholders.

Users support and learn from each other right from within the app. They can choose to share their most successful actions with their and by their peers, get in touch directly, and exchange questions, advice and documents online. Umbrella organizations (countries, provinces, regions, ...) have a graphical bird-eye view on the progress of their member municipalities and reach out for help or manage a group of municipalities when needed.

All this helps build the understanding of how engagement, policy, scale, and capital all work together, and how cities move forward on hard things they don’t already know how to do.


Engage citizens & stakeholders.

Choose which measures and actions to share with the public and invite companies and citizens to participate in the transformation of their city.

FutureproofedCities lets you automatically publish a beautiful, visual webpage in which you can choose what you want to share with your citizens and stakeholders—climate actions, measures, progress. This page can be imbedded in to your city’s website where the measures and actions can easily be pushed through social channels to reach your citizens where they are.


From the makers of FutureproofedCities.

Even if we didn’t have a climate crisis,
this would still be the smartest way to rebuild our economy.

For business we have a kick-ass consultancy team and an advanced framework to help companies determine their impact, create sustainable value, define an action plan, and spread the word about their efforts and progress.